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Our 1" Specialty Scraper Insert Tip product kit includes 1 each of our JNT-BH-blk, JNT-T1.0U, JNT-T1.0P, and JNT-T1.0SA

and our NEW Tip Removal Tool JNT-TRT

General perception for using plastic scraper Tips is for removing hardened or soft sealant, caulking, stickers, decals, paint, other things needing scraping. Ultimately the end user makes the choice in which plastic/resin scraper works for their task.

Scraper plastic types included:

Ultem (Amber)

This material can handle temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Phenolic (brown)

Our toughest/stiffest material made from sheet phenolic, more chemically resistant, used for removing harden sealant,

(we use LE grade, but can be abrasive, more expensive scraper)

Sheet Acrylic (black)

Our hardest resin made from sheet Acrylic, generally used for removing leathery sealant, sticker, decals

(not chemically resistant, does chip easier, can score surface due to sharpness, more expensive)

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