Scraper / Spreader Material Information

General use of our plastic scrapers

To remove hardened or soft sealant, caulking, stickers, decals, paint, other things needing scraping.  (even pizza dough). Plastic tools are generally used for scraping to avoid gouging surfaces unlike steel scraping tools.   

Ultimately the end user makes the choice in which plastic scraper works for their task. (sometimes it is based on your company’s guidelines) 

We make 2 design categories of plastic scraping tools.


Design version 1 includes:

single tip 6” long scrapers, double tip 9” long scrapers (includes seat track design), 8” long double tip wide scrapers, flat side acrylic knifes and phenolic scraper


Design version 2 includes:

Scraper insert tips that require the use of our ergonomic handle 

 (for more scraping comfort)

We make these scraper tip in widths of 1/4”, 1/2”, 1”, 2”, 4”, a seat track scraper tip, a high temperature scraper tip and a phenolic scraper tip

We also make a selection of sealant spreader tools


Plastics we use to make our scrapers

 Color - orange  - Nylon/glass scrapers also in black version of nylon/glass

            Part#s:  GTP530A , JNT21102-org , JNT211C40 (blk or org), JNT-8-RSC          (black or orange) 

            & scraper “insert tips” in 1/4”, 1/2”, 1”,  2”, 4” part# ending in N 

            & spreaders; JNT-SRS , JNT-SR1 , JNT-SR4 , JNT-SR6 , JNT-SR9                         

            & seat track tip JNT-TC40 

  • stiff plastic, a more chemically resistant plastic when using solvents to assist in removing hardened sealant 
  • Warning-  nylon/glass plastic is abrasive; do not use on alclad, unpainted surfaces, it can scratch surface


Color - blue - Acrylic blend scrapers

            Part#s: JNT21102-blu , JNT211C20 , JNT211C30 ,  JNT530A-blu ,  

                  JNT-8-RSC-blu , JNT-E6 

                 & our scraper “insert tips” 1/4”, 1/2”, 1”,  2”, 4”blue - part# ending in A 

  • hard plastic, generally used for removing soft and leathery sealant, stickers & decals, scraper has a sharp tip

Warning- not a chemically resistant plastic

  • Will chip easy due to its hardness, Can scratch /score surface; do not use on alclad and unpainted surfaces surface


 Color - red - Celcon scrapers includes our green ( JNT-S2 ) spreader

              Part#s: JNT411B60 , JNT411B90 , JNT530A-red , JNT-8-RSC-red        

              & our JNT-S3 spreader

              & scraper “insert tips” in 1/4”, 1/2”, 1”,  2”part# ending in C 

              & 5 selections of groove spreaders

 - softest plastic, is a more chemically resistant plastic,       

              Boeing requested us to make this scraper to be used on alclad surfaces

Note - using this scraper requires more effort at scraping due to softness of the plastic, but is a better option to avoid scratching surface


 Color - brown - Phenolic scrapers

      Part#s:  JNT-P1.00 & scraper insert tip JNT-T1.0P

  • toughest / stiffest material - laminate material some chemically resistance                                                                                                 used for removing harden sealant 

Note - we use LE grade (linen grade), which is less abrasiveness                                              

        (we do not use cheaper grade- fiberglass due to abrasiveness) 


Color - Black  acrylic tool and scrapers 

          Part#s: JK8 &  scraper insert tips JNT-T1.0SA , JNT-T4.0-blk  

          also include our purple ( JNT530A ) & blue JK6

          - hard plastic, generally used for removing soft and leathery sealant,      

             stickers & decals, scraper has a sharp tip

  • Will chip easy due to its hardness 


Specialty plastic - Color - Amber -Ultem scraper insert tip

           Part#: JNT-T1.0U    for temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit