About Us

Jus N Tyme Tooling is a small business established in 1983 that made custom tooling for McDonnell Douglas and Northrop, in southern California. We collaborated with McDonnell Douglas in 1987, to create our first sealant scraper, the orange GTP530A (also known as JNT530A/GTP530A) for removal of hardened aircraft sealant. At this same time we also designed and made two other scrapers for Northrop, for removing soft aircraft sealant.

As the purposes of our scrapers grew, we were asked by Rockwell Space Shuttle division to design and make a two inch wide scraper for them, our JNT-8-RSC-blk. This scraper was used to remove old sealant
in areas on the shuttle.

Scraping sealant is no easy task, and the right type of plastic scraper is needed for particular surfaces.
Boeing identified that Celcon plastic was the safest plastic for scraping sealants on alclad surfaces. Boeing requested that we make two of our existing scraper designs out of red Celcon. Our JNT411B60
and JNT411B90 scrapers are Boeing approved for alclad. We went one step further to offer our wide JNT-8-RSC-red scraper in the Boeing approved red Celcon.

 Our scrapers are not only used for removing aircraft sealants. We created the original “T” shaped scraper, JNT211C40, at the request of an Airline for cleaning seat track rails. We also made a scraper
for a Naval Aircraft to clean grease from their pulley wheel, our JNT-E6.

Our scrapers have also been used in the automotive industry for scraping old gaskets on engine blocks.
Our acrylic scrapers are great for removing stickers, labels, and decals and for home maintenance.
Who hasn’t gotten paint on their window or tile floor; our acrylic scrapers do a good job at removing paint.

We listened to the suggestions of aircraft mechanics, and developed our user-friendly handle and scraper tip products. Our plastic scraper tips are designed to conveniently snap in to our handles for quick changeability and replacement when the plastic tip is worn or chipped. We offer our scraper tips in a wide variety of widths and plastic types.

We produce a line of quality sealant spreaders, which includes our specialty groove spreaders, made at the request of Boeing and Lockheed.

We have recently lengthened our name a little, to Jus N Tyme Tooling Scrapers Inc, so that you will know we are the scraper company. You will also see our logo, JNT scrapers with the T topped by a scraper.

We are proud to say we are a small manufacturer making our products here in the USA, with every attempt to offer quality products.

 Jus N Tyme Tooling Scrapers Inc

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