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Jus N Tyme Tooling Scrapers


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  • Made in the USA

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We are the creator of a user-friendly handle and scraper tip product. Our scraper tips are designed to conveniently snap in to our handles JNT-BH-org andJNT-BH-blk.
Our JNT-T1.0SA scraper tip is cut from black sheet acrylic plastic with a milled beveled tip. Sheet acrylic plastic is a harder material than our blue acrylic blend plastic and is more chemically resistant. Due to its hardness it is more brittle and may chip easily. Sheet Acrylic is a harder, sharper plastic good for scraping decals and stickers. This scraper tip measures 5” long with a 1” tip, 3/16” thickness.
  • Length:5"
  • Tips:1
  • Tip Width:1"
  • Thickness:3/16"
  • Plastic:Sheet acrylic
  • Color:Black
  • Part IDs:JNT-T1.0SA
  • Made in the USA
Note: DO NOT use without our handle.

See also our Sheet acrylic tip kit: JNT-T1SAB

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