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JNT-SR3K (green Celcon Kit)

JNT-SR3K (green Celcon Kit)

Jus N Tyme Tooling Scrapers


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Our JNT-SR3K Sealant Applicator / Spatula kit contains our three 7” long spatulas made of green celcon plastic.
This kit comes in a Vinyl pouch.
We have two color options for the pouch: Teal or Green.
Celcon was selected by Boeing to avoid scoring and scratching Alclad surfaces.
Celcon is a more chemically resistant plastic when working with solvents.

Our JNT-SR3K kit includes 1 each: JNT-SRS, JNT-SR1, and JNT-SR4.


Our JNT-SR4 measures: 7” long w/ 3/8” and 1/2” ends

Our JNT-SR1 measures: 7” long w/ .19” and .38” ends

Our JNT-SRS measures: 7” long w/ 1/8” and 9/32” ends

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