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Collection: Nylon

Color - orange  Nylon/glass scrapers also in black version of nylon/glass

            Part#s:  GTP530A , JNT21102-org , JNT211C40 (blk or org), JNT-8-RSC          (black or orange) 

            & scraper “insert tips” in 1/4”, 1/2”, 1”,  2”, 4” part# ending in N 

            & spreaders; JNT-SRS , JNT-SR1 , JNT-SR4 , JNT-SR6 , JNT-SR9                         

            & seat track tip JNT-TC40 

  • stiff plastic, a more chemically resistant plastic when using solvents to assist in removing hardened sealant 
  • Warning-  nylon/glass plastic is abrasive; do not use on alclad, unpainted surfaces, it can scratch surface

Color - Black  acrylic tool and scrapers 

          Part#s: JK8 &  scraper insert tips JNT-T1.0SA , JNT-T4.0-blk  

          also include our purple ( JNT530A ) & blue JK6

          - hard plastic, generally used for removing soft and leathery sealant,      

             stickers & decals, scraper has a sharp tip

  • Will chip easy due to its hardness