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Collection: Celcon

Color - red - Celcon scrapers includes our green ( JNT-S2 ) spreader

              Part#s: JNT411B60 , JNT411B90 , JNT530A-red , JNT-8-RSC-red,  JNT211C50        

              & our JNT-S3 spreader (JNT-S2 - green)

              & scraper “insert tips” in 1/4”, 1/2”, 1”,  2” part# ending in C 

              & 5 selections of groove spreaders

 - softest plastic, is a more chemically resistant plastic,       

              Boeing requested us to make this scraper to be used on alclad surfaces

Note - using this scraper requires more effort at scraping due to softness of the plastic, but is a better option to avoid scratching surface